Promotion possibilities


There are – upon application – several possibilities of financial support for projects which are approved in Metström, such as

  • visiting fellowships of as well as voyages to international cooperation partners,
  • workshops and training courses,
  • programs for junior scientists (doctoral researchers, postdocs, assistant professors.


Junior researchers support junior researchers

Postdocs and assistant professors offer to doctoral researchers (candidates) once or twice a year two- or three-day-lasting introductory courses into basic and specialist knowledge in participating disciplines. That implicates that postdocs and assistant professors will have the possibility to collect teaching   experience in front of a multidisciplinary audience, doctoral candidates will receive a specific knowledge gain in terms of the content of the main focus, and young scientists will be allowed to become cross-linked beyond boundaries of discipline with their co-workers at an early stage.Some possible subjects of the workshops:

  • Parametrization and closure models in meteorology and fluid mechanics,
  • Handling multiple scales: Scale analysis, asymptotics and stochastic modelling,
  • parallel adaptive algorithms.

(It is allowed, of course, but not absolutely essential to invite the older scientist’s generation to the talk.)

Exchange program on the level of the project and SPP

In general the projects of the main focus will be joint projects of teams, which are recruited from at least two of the three involved disciplines. Stays of several weeks of the scientific employees with the respective partner’s teams should advantage a quick and narrow cooperation of the employees.

For such stays there will be set concrete common targets in cooperation with the project managers. Also between related projects, such an exchange can be agreed, for instance in order to transfer knowledge or technology.

Summer schools

Once to twice within a period of application (two years) there will have place summer courses, in which subjects of common interest for the main focus can be treated.